Our Mission

Southern Maryland Innovates helps entrepreneurs in Southern Maryland succeed by offering an ecosystem in which to connect with like minds, free resources, and other businesses contacts. At Southern Maryland Innovates, we understand how difficult it can be for entrepreneurs to make their innovative ideas a reality. Southern Maryland is buzzing with nightly networking events being hosted in Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary’s Counties. Without a central source shining a light on these events and resources, business owners often feel as if the region is an insider’s game which is difficult to navigate. Our mission is to provide the informational resources and foster communication among Southern Maryland’s burgeoning technology entrepreneurs, especially those interested in commercializing federal technologies. Additionally, we will offer support and promote the innovative technologies incubated within the region’s Navy laboratories.

Who are we?

SoMd Innovates is a joint initiative made possible by the generous cooperation and funding from the College of Southern Maryland, Maryland Department of Commerce, U.S. Department of Economic Adjustment (OEA), Calvert County, Charles County, and St. Mary’s County. The College of Southern Maryland’s Entrepreneur and Innovation Institute provides a multitude of activities and resources to college students and the general community to promotes successful entrepreneurship and innovation in Southern Maryland.

Tommy Luginbill, the Director of the Entrepreneur and Innovation Institute, oversees three Advisory Councils on Entrepreneurship and Innovation to better understand how the Southern Maryland region can become a location of choice for entrepreneurs and innovators. The Councils have unanimously agreed to develop a resource for entrepreneurs with the mission of bringing together the diverse regional assets which are capable of fueling a thriving economic environment in Southern Maryland.

In pursuit of this mission, we have launched the SoMd Innovates Map. This map is intended to equip Southern Maryland innovators with an informational guide to navigating their own journey through entrepreneurship. The purpose of this feature is to ensure that SoMd Innovates is a living resource, not simply a directory, and thus we encourage community members to help crowdsource information about resources and opportunities around the entire region. We intend to provide information for resources including (but not limited to): financing, mentorships, specialized facilities or equipment, business advising services, County organizations, incubators and collaboration spaces, business and organizations related to the Applied Technologies Cluster described in the Accelerated Regional Diversification Plan for Southern Maryland, and relevant contact information.

This map is far from complete, so we welcome and encourage input from everyone in the community. We need your help in creating and editing content, forging new local partnerships, and finding sponsorships so that we can stay current with our map of the Southern Maryland Innovation ecosystem, and continue to create a thriving entrepreneurial community in the region. Please reach out to us with feedback and other information.

Major Events

Southern Maryland has numerous organizations that host a wide range of private classes, public programs, speaker series, and MeetUps that are tailored for entrepreneurs and innovators. SoMd Innovates welcomes you to explore our site to find an event near you, and/or add an event that you are hosting in the region.